🎓 Big Money Student Loan Benefit

We found a new company that pays employees $50k per year towards their student loan debt.

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Today we’ll share some recent news, a couple new companies we added that offer student loan repayment benefits and leave you with some motivation.

Recent news

The Biden administration is going for a second attempt at student loan forgiveness, this time including stakeholders throughout the process such as student loan servicers, representatives from colleges as well as students, and state officials.

We truly don’t know what will happen with this and if it will have a chance of going through so I wouldn’t hold your breath. This will likely be another long drawn out process..

For me personally, I’m throwing as much money as I can per month towards my student loan debt until it’s gone.

Student loan servicers are not prepared whatsoever for borrowers to begin making payments. The new SAVE Plan has been rolled out poorly leaving many confused and with incorrect payment amounts showing on their account.

I highly encourage you to get in touch with your student loan servicer ASAP and double check everything with your account to make sure it is accurate. Around 400,000 borrowers have been affected by miscalculations.

Here are some write ups we have on 3 of the major servicers and how to get in touch with them:

These companies help pay off your student loan debt

Adidas has a new student loan support program and will pay employees who work at least 30 hours a week $100 per month ($1,200 per year).

Depending on your loan repayment situation, this can save you thousands of dollars on interest.

Alright this one is specific to anyone who is going to school for optometry or has graduated and is looking for jobs as an OD but the benefit is… HUGE!

For optometry students, recent graduates and practicing optometrists with student debt, VSP Vision's student loan repayment program provides up to $50,000 per year for four years, regardless of scholarships previously awarded.

To be selected, program participants must commit to working in a private practice or other optometric modality (including retail, corporate, medical or onsite clinics) that serves a community with limited access to vision care.

This gives me hope that more companies will offer massive repayment benefits like this in the future. It’s not like the cost of college is going down..


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