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Recent news, budgeting tips and another company that can help you pay down your student loan debt.

Good morning. It’s the second month in a row since federal student loan payments have resumed. How are you feeling?

It hasn’t been a smooth transition, even for the companies that are supposed to be servicing your loans.

Today we’ll fill you in on some recent news, share some helpful articles around budgeting, and provide another company that could help you with paying down your debt.

Recent news

A summary: MOHELA, a federal student loan servicer, is being held accountable for failing to send timely monthly billing payments to 2.5 million borrowers.

The U.S. Department of Education withheld a $7.2 million payment to MOHELA in October due to their negligence. A key quote from the article:

Borrowers are penalized for making late payments,” Kantrowitz said. “It is only fair for the loan servicer to be penalized for mailing late statements.

Mark Kantrowitz, Higher Education Expert

Helpful information

This company helps pay off your student loan debt

Employees who are benefits-eligible and have been employed for 90 days can receive $100 monthly (up to $1,200 a year) towards their student loan debt, with a $10,000 lifetime cap.


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