🎓 Ready for student loan payments?

Federal student loan payments are due this month! First time in a long time. Make sure you're ready.

Good evening. This month marks the first time federal student loan payments have been due since March, 2020. Keep reading to make sure you’re prepared and get access to our list of companies offering student loan repayment benefits.

Recent news

A summary: The Supreme Court ruled against Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan and federal student loan payments are starting up again, with payments due this month.

The article discusses some information on the new SAVE (Saving on a Valuable Education) plan and how it could help some borrowers lower their monthly payments to $0 per month, dependent on income.

Helpful information

If you don’t know who your student loan servicer is, read this article. I put this together to help anyone who may be confused because I know I sure was when my loans were moved to 2 different companies in the same year.

It includes instructions on how to login to your federal student account dashboard, where to look to find your servicer information, and contact information to get in touch if needed.

Companies with student loan repayment benefits

We’ve had a lot of new subscribers so I wanted to highlight our list of companies that offer student loan repayment assistance. The job market is tough out there and with student loan payments starting again, it doesn’t make things any easier.

This resource provides information on over 50+ companies that offer student loan repayment benefits. This means if you land a job there, you could be getting contributions of $100 per month, $200 per month or more to your student loan debt. This has been a huge help for me and I’m hoping it’s a valuable resource for you as well.

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