🎓Recent grad gets $25,000 put to her student loan debt

Recent student loan news, an exciting success story, and helpful tips.

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Today we cover some recent student loans news, shout out my sister in law for landing a job that’s paying $25,000 towards her student loan debt 🚀, and provide you with some steps to take to be better prepared for when the payment pause ends.

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Recent news

On April 6 The New Civil Liberties Alliance, a nonprofit law firm, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Mackinac Center to end Biden’s student loan payment pause.

They claim the payment pause has made it more difficult to attract job seekers for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) jobs. The payment pause is still in effect, so don’t worry, but more to come as we also await the ruling from the Supreme Court on student loan forgiveness.

Speaking of the Supreme Court..👇

For 20+ years the conservative Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas, has been treated to luxury vacations and summer stays at an estate by Harlan Crow, billionaire real estate business man and GOP mega donor.

Thomas is under fire for not disclosing when traveling on a jet or staying at a commercial property. Per the report from Pro Publica, SCOTUS judges are not officially tied to a code of conduct but by failing to disclose these gifts, it seems Thomas violated the law.

So why is this important? Well.. this individual gets to decide if student loan forgiveness is legal or not…😒

Shout out

A celebration is in order for my sister in law as she has secured employment as a physical therapist, AND has a student loan repayment benefit where the company will pay $25,000 towards her student loan balance!

Your hard work has paid off and we’re so proud of you here at Dwindle. Congratulations and thank you for sharing some details on your new benefit!

If you’re curious and want to learn more about this benefit, check out the below:

If you’re on the job hunt, be sure to check out our list of companies that offer student loan repayment benefits:

Prepare for student loan payments

The Supreme Court should be making a ruling on student loan forgiveness before the end of June. With lawsuits pending in regard to when student loan payments should turn back on, it’s very likely we’ll start making payments again soon (if you haven’t already been doing so).

Here are some things to do before then so you’re ready to start making payments again:

  1. Set a budget

  2. Find out or confirm who is servicing your student loans

  3. Reflect on your schedule - can you pick up a side hustle?

  4. Review best side hustles to get ideas

  5. Follow Dwindle on social media and tell your friends!

It can be a challenge to repay your student loans and you’re not alone. The more people we have in the Dwindle community, the more stories we can share to keep each other motivated. 💪

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