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Recent student loan news, expenses you could cut from your budget when student loan payments resume and a motivational quote!

Good morning. A shorter read for you this week. We discuss some recent news, expenses you could cut from your budget when payments resume, and we’ll leave you with some motivation!

Recent news

If you’re not familiar with why student debt relief is on hold and awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court then here’s a quick break down:

“The entire premise of the lawsuit against student debt relief rests on the idea that 43 million student debtors shouldn't get relief for which they were already approved because one of the corporations contracted by the government to collect student debt, and thus the state of Missouri, will be financially harmed in the process.”

Researchers from the Roosevelt Institute and the Debt Collective

In this article, data shows that MOHELA, a Missouri based student loan servicer, would actually increase it’s bottom line after debt cancellation..

We’ll see what comes of this report and if it will have any impact on the pending decision from the Supreme Court, which is set to come before the end of June.

Depending on the outcome of the student debt relief plan, you may still have student loans left to pay back. If you haven’t started to budget out what it’s going to be like when student loan payments resume, I highly recommend you start! 

Here are my top 3 from this list and expenses that I’ve personally cut out to help me with paying off my student loan debt:


I honestly don’t think I’ve had cable since 2012. For me personally, there’s just no need as there are cheaper streaming options available. If you’re like me, you could look at your cable bill and think about getting rid of it. This could save you anywhere from $50-150 per month.


I used to get a haircut every 2 weeks at about $35 each cut. Over the past couple years I’ve been growing my hair out and getting it cut about once a year - saving me $70 a month.

Gym Memberships

Before the pandemic I was spending close to $100 a month for a gym membership. Fast forward when everything was shut down and I ended up buying a cheap exercise bike and my wife purchased some dumbbells for me. This put $100 a month back into my pocket and I was able to put this “extra” money to my student loan debt.

If you’re able to cut out some small things from your budget, they can really start to add up. Combine this with increasing your income or picking up a side gig and you’ll start to make some serious progress on becoming student debt free.


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