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Get ready to relax this weekend but stay alert of people trying to scam you.

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Tomorrow’s April 1st but this email doesn’t contain any April Fools jokes! Keep reading so you can stay alert of student loan scams, get a recent update on student loan forgiveness, and see who’s hiring with student loan repayment benefits.

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How to identify a student loan scam

Student loans have been a hot topic for quite a while now and student loan scams have been on the rise so it’s important to be aware of this. It’s already hard enough to repay your student loans, but to have people trying to scam you and steal more of your money - no thanks!

Recent news

The limited-time waiver that was valid through October 31, 2022 has made a significant impact on public service workers.

Work at a non profit or just want to learn more about Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)? Read more here.

When will this finally be over? 😓 We’re still awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court on if there will be any Student Loan Forgiveness, but expect a decision this summer, sometime before June.

The above article covers how certain members of Congress want to stop Student Loan Forgiveness completely, meaning prior to a Supreme Court ruling. This can all be very confusing but in short, it’s unlikely this happens and we all just await the Supreme Court ruling. Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter so you can stay updated on this!

Companies hiring now with student loan repayment benefits

A student loan repayment benefit can save you thousands on interest and help you repay your student loan debt years in advance. Don’t sleep on this benefit if you see it in a job description or on a company website!

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